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Qu'essan   registered to Eirinncraft
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EndMorainefound this
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KiLEdEnNisoh no, looks like someone came out of that portal and griefed the basement of the spawn mansion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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KiLEdEnNis   p.s. happy halloween
blaster5002   registered to Eirinncraft
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Bladeayy 6 years 10 days
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GrislyCastle   happy birthday
ejohnsondiscord link: [link]
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Diablo990   registered to Eirinncraft
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KiLEdEnNisin Project mode at spawn, making an abandoned mansion, here's the front (I'll swap some bricks for moss/cracked bricks, add leaf vines & partially destroy the house to make it look like an old ruined mansion later)
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KiLEdEnNis   was planning to make a basement, I'll do that stuff and then place the orange edge wool myself for ya
(& ty in advance)
KiLEdEnNis   replaced the orange wool to be on the perfect corner spots and to include the full basement outline
KiLEdEnNis   Flannel, I can place item frames but I can't put items in them, which is kinda messing with decorating, can you find a way to fix that please?
MjarkHey guys! I'm currently busy helping with the spawn renovation. It's so much fun to be back again and i encourage other old members to take a peek again on the server. anyways can anyone send me a renewed discord invite because the one in the mc chat is expired thanks! hope to see you guys around
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KiLEdEnNis   psst, Flannel, it doesn't work lol
GrislyCastle   [link]
flannelbum   fixed it again... maybe for good this time
KiLEdEnNis   registered to Eirinncraft
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KiLEdEnNisso what did I miss past, like... 2 years (left at like 1.8, if anyone still remembers me lol)?
map reset I think
(maybe I'll play a little bit again somewhere in the future, but I have college, other games, a mod for another game etc.)
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Blade   implying you're not still?

GrislyCastle   oh my golly gosh
KiLEdEnNis   no Blade, I'm legally an adult now :)
& nice to see ya guys still recognize me a bit
I'll probably play a little bit every now and then if I'm not really busy
and is the FTB server removed?
EndMoraineHey guys I havent gotten on in awhile and I think there should be more people on because I got on and there wasn't anybody on! Remember when there were people on? Those times were good because there were people on! Its sad that there aren't people on :( I recommend that people get on!
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Your_Name24   wow my whole account seems to be reset.. @flannel you know something about this? maybe cuz i have been offline for like 2 years?
Mjark   Ayy i got it
lennyko2I think there should be more activity on the survival server who wants to help start things up again with me? remember all the good times everyone had years ago when the server was popping. its so sad to see a great community perish like that. #makeeirinncraftgreatagain!!! fr yall tho play more if u have some free time and recommend people to play :d
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flannelbum   I'm trying to pop in most every evening for a few. Probably catch you on at some point too.
EndMoraine   How much have you been playing, lenny? I don't see you on the top 10.
lennyko2Hey guys is been a long time and I see there is activity in the fourms :o is there a new server or something I would be happy to join yall
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flannelbum   wb lenny! currently rolling latest survival 1.12.2 with some special sauce but not much. no FTB for the time being. check out the wiki for all the details: [link]
EndMoraine   I wonder if there is a modpack that's more accessible/easier to get into and still popular enough to attract players.
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Shane   hey
flannelbum   howdy
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