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flannelbumNetwork traffic from our server to mojang .com is getting munged up. This is preventing players from connecting to the Survival server giving a message stating that minecraft authentication servers are down. I've got a ticket in to our provider and a backup plan if need-be.
flannelbum   Appears to be back to normal.
ShaneI is frm plnt mynecrft, can I has mod pls?
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flannelbum   no. but, if you're from PMC then I think it's tradition to give you OP.
samdan   hey im from pmc can i get op pls
EndMoraineBe yourself here
If you are in a shell...
The amazing Harry Shum, Jr. choreographed this piece to the ...
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flannelbum   I <3 Ze Frank
flannelbumUpdated survival to the latest Minecraft version 1.12.1
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samdan   donated €65.00 to Eirinncraft.
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FlamingChipmunk   Thank you for helping to support the Eirinncraft Community!
flannelbum   Thank you!
FinnishPlayer98   registered to Eirinncraft
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Minecraft Dynamic Map
Minecraft Dynamic Map
FlamingChipmunkOfficial Discord for the Eirinncraft Community.
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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ULTYMATE_VORTEXI would like to point out that I have served my one week ban and am currently still banned from the server.
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ULTYMATE_VORTEX   I got banned for 7 days, Which I accepted, I THEN got banned permanently for another persons actions. The only lesson i've learnt is that according to the server staff 1 + 1 = 3
Blade   Silly staff working

Hard to protect the players

1+1? window
ClickbaitName and BlackxRose registered to Eirinncraft
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Eman7880   uploaded 2 images to Encasement
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Eman7880   uploaded an image to Other Goofery.....
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Xenogears   where's that Discord :)
ULTYMATE_VORTEXJust want to point out that the griefing of spawn was not me. It was a friend, Lucyminto, I did not do anything to spawn area and should not be punished for another persons actions.
EndMoraine   Keep this stuff in your ban thread
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