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EndMoraineme and my new roommate are looking forward to the server update
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Your_Name24Hey guys, i just wanted to ask does anyone still have the old survival map of 2013? I just wanna fly in it again and get a good nostalgia kick from it. Would be really awesome if someone still has a file of laying around

Thanks in advance
Mjark   Ok whoops that was my old account...
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Pitoolis this server ever going to be updated to 1.13?
flannelbum   Yes. It's something I'm actively working on but do not have an ETA. Sorry.
EndMoraine   can't wait!
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treka22Wow, this is crazy. I used to play on the server a few years back when I was a young teen and I am now an adult!!!! Do people still play on the server? I want to play a bit again before college starts again.
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urleenyall... i havent been on here for like 4-5 years ahaha i thought the server was gone forever. props to u guys for keeping it going
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FlamingChipmunkNEW UPDATE FOR VANILLA!!! Do we have it, yet? Just rewrite the code!!??!!
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flannelbum   No. Not yet. Been a busy week but expect to put work in this weekend for it.
EndMoraine   Any word on this? I want to try the new patch :d
flannelbumYa'll play factorio at all? It's gripped me but I'm not sure the server side of it is ready. However, if there is enough interest....
KiLEdEnNis   eww who even plays Minecraft
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