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BladeMerry new year!1!
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ShaneMerry Christmas!
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BladeHappy winterly holiday friendos
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KiLEdEnNismet samdan's brother(/sister?) on a Discord server from a game called Endless Sky, Eirinncraft is famous lol
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flannelbum   added 90 Advanced days to Eirinncraft
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Blade   if only I had :')
Shane   Reviving minecraft is like trying to walk a dog that doesn't have legs.
flannelbum   "Roll over!" "Stay!"
KiLEdEnNisEndMoraine (& Flannel)
since my mansion has been done for over a week, could I use ProjectMode to help build in spawn (as long as I match the style & everything)? since it's hardly getting progress
flannelbum   Yep! At least until moraine kicks you out
EndMoraine   I'm not kicking anyone out, whoever wants to build there is welcome to. I'm ceding ownership
KiLEdEnNis   ya mean ya basically got "tired" of it & basically quit? I'm not gonna full-time work on it either tbh, I may just try & finish it next few weeks at the cost of some quality
Qu'essan   registered to Eirinncraft
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EndMorainefound this
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KiLEdEnNisoh no, looks like someone came out of that portal and griefed the basement of the spawn mansion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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KiLEdEnNis   p.s. happy halloween
blaster5002   registered to Eirinncraft
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Bladeayy 6 years 10 days
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GrislyCastle   happy birthday
ejohnsondiscord link: [link]
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Diablo990   registered to Eirinncraft
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KiLEdEnNisin Project mode at spawn, making an abandoned mansion, here's the front (I'll swap some bricks for moss/cracked bricks, add leaf vines & partially destroy the house to make it look like an old ruined mansion later)
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KiLEdEnNis   was planning to make a basement, I'll do that stuff and then place the orange edge wool myself for ya
(& ty in advance)
KiLEdEnNis   replaced the orange wool to be on the perfect corner spots and to include the full basement outline
KiLEdEnNis   Flannel, I can place item frames but I can't put items in them, which is kinda messing with decorating, can you find a way to fix that please?
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