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ULTYMATE_VORTEXJust want to point out that the griefing of spawn was not me. It was a friend, Lucyminto, I did not do anything to spawn area and should not be punished for another persons actions.
EndMoraine   Keep this stuff in your ban thread
ULTYMATE_VORTEX   registered to Eirinncraft
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XenogearsIf rules are still enforced on the server, I would like someone removed.
ULTYMATE_VORTEX has been quite an annoyance today, after telling him to nicely go away, and not listening, he decided he was just going to start building random stuff near me, which include a random LOL sign out of Obsidian and covered it with gravel (TNT was used but the world is protected).
He also shot me whilst I tried to remove said stuff and subsequently killed me, along with himself.
After that he still stayed around around me, I asked him to go away because he was annoying me, and he refused, a short time later he built a gravel tower near my current residential quarters, and then I used some language, to which he still did not listen.
He has not removed the tower, and has since killed me again possibly by accident, but I cannot be sure.

He seems to not want to leave me alone, so I'm just making a report of everything that has transpired over the past hour since roughly 3pm EST.
flannelbum   Mark did join and I'm sad I missed him and that he (and any others) had to deal with junk at spawn. After a rollback of ultymate and lucyminto though, spawn was back to the way it was.

Speaking of spawn, close to announcing a community build project :)
GrislyCastle   we have mcmmo?
ejohnson   we have a spawn?
flannelbum   created a new thread Server Outage and Recovery in the Server Announcements forum
PhilyDipsIt's been almost 7 years since I've first met FlamingChipmunk and it's been one wild ride. There's a lot that has gone on in my life that I have yet to share. Lately I've been off to the French speaking province of Québec in Canada, and I have a blog to keep tab of my adventures. I'm pretty sure Sloth or something will get a kick out of this.
À bientôt! Aussi, je t'aime, flannelbum ;) None of that 2% milk stuff, I'm talking full homo. ;)
Jour Neuf - Rêves Mélancoliques
Slumber casted me off into a dream-scape. I dreamed of a lot of things, many which are forever lost in a sea of unconsciousness, but the ones that always stick are of people and th...
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GrislyCastle   J'aime les escargots dans mon cul ;)
EndMoraine   Yeah man i love dogs
flannelbumServer has been down for a bit. Working on resolving. May be the perfect time for the update and a new map. Will update here or with a post with more info as we go.
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flannelbum   Have been setting up new server and awaiting completion of data transfers. Should be back up by the weekend at the latest.
flannelbum   Survival back "up" and in the tweaking phase. I'm open for feedback! Will pop in and out a bit nightly after 6p Eastern (GMT-4) and can be reached over skype nearly anytime.
EndMoraine   Just saw this! awesome thank you!
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fightb4udieDoes the server still work? :)
Was thinking about playing for a bit
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Blade   ofc joshua :p
Your_Name24   registered to Eirinncraft
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XenogearsGG Server down
EndMoraine   whoa it is.
XenogearsYou know, as much as I think the latest update which adds more color blocks and color variants to existing blocks is, Mojang still hasn't given us actual new blocks...
Stuff like sideways slabs, or the ability to allow two halfslabs to occupy one voxel space...
Now that would be great.
Or what about halfslab wool blocks?

More creative options would be great, people would also have a lot more creativity with and for Megabuilds.
Kind of surprised none of these have happened yet to be honest.
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Xenogears   Also, is the server down?
It might just be my internet, since rain is passing through, but it shouldn't be this bad...
elwinos123Hey guys, it's been such a long time since I joined! So many changes to the server :d Does anyone have a save of the previous map? Love to check it out since we have a new map now. Thanks!
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EndMoraine   Yo elwinos. I feel ya, kinda missing the giant sandstone city and your contributions :p.
EndMoraine   its been down for awhile i think
elwinos123   Haha yeah absolutely! But I understand the all-survival approach as well.
XenogearsMan some of these Newbies
EndMoraine   Dude theyre so rude i just trash talk with them every chance i get
Xenogears   I don't trash talk them, but yeah, they are quite rude.
I try to limit my conversations with them.
XenogearsNice base Flannel, Chip.
love the Nether portals as well, very easy to navigate.
SnolandaWhere'd you hoes leave my ravine!?
ejohnson   its ya boi
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