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flannelbumYa'll play factorio at all? It's gripped me but I'm not sure the server side of it is ready. However, if there is enough interest....
KiLEdEnNis   eww who even plays Minecraft
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KiLEdEnNis> logs in after a couple months
> land unclaimed so someone looted all my chests
smh Flannel your fault
KiLEdEnNis   well good thing is I reclaimed it and my house was still intact so meh
Blade   was me, sorry
KiLEdEnNis   reported for griefing
GrislyCastle[link] 4 years ago
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elwinos123Hey guys, it's been a while. I'm gonna be a bit sentimental here, but thanks for all the good times I've had on this server. All the friends I've made, although, seemingly forgotten at this point. Hope to be online again someday. There's just something about Minecraft, that's absolutely unforgettable. The imagination this game brings with it... Ah, just sublime. Hope you've had some wonderful times since, and hope this server keeps on chugging along. Cya.
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XenogearsHere's a picture of my desert style for my kingdom that I've been working on, on the Vanilla server.
It's modified Large Village House, Windows and doors have covering over them, though I wish I could make them a bit smaller.
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Xenogears   You can see more in my Aveh album on my profile.
flannelbumMakin junk in Age 3
EndMoraine   cool trees
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flannelbum   Gotcha added to the whitelist on the ftb server too. Welcome guys!
FlamingChipmunkSo, thanks to all the hard work of the people playing FTB, Flannel managed to get us into the next age of crafting. If you aren't playing FTB....WHY NOT??!! If you are trying to get into the server and are having difficulty....check out the post that Flannel made OR just hop into the Discord channel. Looking forward to seeing you there!
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Blade   PC too bad, send donation money so I can play pls xoxo
FlamingChipmunkWhere all mai nurdz?
flannelbumFTB SevTech: Ages - shift-right-click your tombstone to get your stuff back after death.
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flannelbum   Also, crouching in the 0/stone age will show you how many things are in the stack that is in you POS chest
flannelbum   created a new thread 2018 FTB Server in the Server Announcements forum
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